Karibu Sana, welcome

2013-04-17-ket-wangi-boysWelcome to Ket Wangi, a children’s home and school 20kms outside Kisumu in Western Kenya.

Ket Wangi is supported by Friends of Ket Wangi Orphanage, a UK registered charity (charity no 1150998) which is run entirely by volunteers. Click here to find out more about the charity and how your kind donations have been  spent.

Ket Wangi is under the care of a registered Widows Group and a team of teachers & carers. It is home to 46 living in orphans plus another 36 orphan day scholars who live with relatives but get breakfast and lunch as well as an education at Ket Wangi. It is a happy and well run home and school with teachers dedicated to excellence.

Ket Wangi relies entirely on the good will of people to provide for these children who became orphans due to the political violence of 2008/09 and to AIDS. The Staff of Ket Wangi and the Friends of Ket Wangi are determined to ensure that their childhood is as happy as can be and that their future is secured with a good education. Do check out our newsletters page to find out more about what we have achieved recently and how well the children are doing. Please support us if you can with a one off or regular donation. We live hand to mouth and cannot yet meet all the needs. If you would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact us at ketwangi@gmail.com